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The Chancery oversees the overall administration of the Ghana Embassy in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Tel: +55 (61) 3248-6047/ 6049
This section is responsible for Political and Economic relations between Ghana and Brazil as well as the 11 countries of concurrent accreditation.
  • • Argentina
  • • Bolivia
  • • Chile
  • • Columbia
  • • Ecuador
  • • French Guyana
  • • English Guyana
  • • Paraguay
  • • Peru
  • • Suriname
  • • Uruguay
  • • Venezuela
  • Tel: +55 (61) 3248-6047
    Welcome to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana, Brasilia in the Federative Republic of Brazil. The contents of these pages explain the procedures for acquiring Visas /Entry permits, Ghana passports, Authentication / Legalization and Travel Certificates as well as provide information on other aspects of the Consular work of the Embassy. You are most welcome to browse through the pages, and also contact the Head of the Consular Section should you require further information or explanation. GENERAL INFORMATION
    The Consular Section of the Ghana Embassy in Brasilia provides the following services:
    Processing of Document
  • • Issuance of Visa /Entry Permit
  • •Processing of Ghanaian Passports
  • •Authentication / Legalization of documents
  • •Issuance of Travelling Certificate
  • Welfare Functions
    Organization of the Ghanaian Community in Brazil and countries of concurrent accreditation
  • •Assistance to stranded Ghanaians to return to Ghana e.g. illegal immigrant
  • •Evacuation of Ghanaians
  • •Prison visits
  • •Hospital visits
  • •Consular visits to Immigration Detention Camps
  • Registration of Ghanaians.
  • •Ghanaian Associations
  • •Student Unions
  • •Individuals (Resident and Visiting)
    Tel Numbers: +55 (61) 32486047, 32486049
    Fax Number: +55 (61) 33642039
    Mondays to Fridays from 9.00 hours to 13.00 hours.
    The section is closed on all Public holidays in Ghana and Brazil.